Pupcake Trinket Boxes Prepack

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This cardboard folding floor display comes with a header and 42 Dog Pupcake trinket boxes. Top sellers for this item will be included:

4 - PC09 (Golden Retriever)
4 - PC24A (Labrador Retriever, Black)
4 - PC18A (Pug, Fawn)
4 - PC29 (Bichon Frise)
4 - PC24B (Labrador Retriever, Yellow)
4 - PC12 (Boston Terrier)
4 - PC04 (Yorkshire Terrier)
4 - PC19A (Dachshund, Red)
4 - PC14 (Beagle)
2 - PC19B (Dachshund, Black)
2 - PC11 (Rottweiler)
2 - PC43 (West Highland Terrier)

If you have a breed you really want to be included, make a note on your order for us. Displays can be made up to order with any of our 220 dogs, 20 cats and/or 77 animals. Prices may vary. If you have a preference, let us know in the "Comments" area of your order and we'd be happy to handle it for you. You can also email us directly at cs@conversationconcepts.com. Please reference your order number. Wholesale buyers only (you must log in to see the price of this display).

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