Sleigh Ornaments Prepack

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This cardboard folding floor display comes with a header and 63 dog sleigh ornaments. Top sellers for this item will be included:

6 - SLD09 (Golden Retriever)
6 - SLD24A (Labrador Retriever, Black)
6 - SLD18A (Pug, Fawn)
6 - SLD29 (Bichon Frise)
6 - SLD24B (Labrador Retriever, Yellow)
6 - SLD12 (Boston Terrier)
6 - SLD04 (Yorkshire Terrier)
6 - SLD19A (Dachshund, Red)
6 - SLD14 (Beagle)
3 - SLD19B (Dachshund, Black)
3 - SLD11 (Rottweiler)
3 - SLD43 (West Highland Terrier)

If you have a breed you really want to be included, make a note on your order for us. Displays can be made up to order with any of our 220 dogs, 20 cats and/or 77 animals. Prices may vary. If you have a preference, let us know in the "Comments" area of your order and we'd be happy to handle it for you. You can also email us directly at Please reference your order number. Wholesale buyers only (you must log in to see the price of this display).

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