Airedale Pinecone Pet Ornament

Airedale Pinecone Pet Ornament

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Measuring approximately 3"to 4 tall and 2.5 wide, this ornament features a hand painted stone resin Tiny One, mounted to an authentic "Red Pinecone". Each figurine is wearing a winter scarf and has a gold tone cord for hanging this unique decoration from your Christmas tree, or anywhere you d like to have a little company! Individually packaged in blisterpack.

The Pinecone Pet can be used in many ways;

*Use as a Christmas Ornament
*Apply droplets of essential oil to the scales to create an air freshener
*Hang outdoors to enhance your patio or garden
*Display year-round by removing Christmas scarf and hang with hook or suction cup, etc.
 The Airedale is the largest of the terrier breeds and is known as the King of Terriers . It is commonly considered to have originated in the valley of the AIRE in England. The AKC first recognized the breed in 1888. Airedales were a badger/rat hunting dog; although today s Airedale owners wouldn t think of sending them after rodents. Standard height is approximate 23 at the withers. The breed is highly intelligent and can easily get bored so daily exercise is very important. The Airedale coat is coarse with a soft undercoat and needs regular brushing.

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