Cow Holstein Jolly Holianimal

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Welcome to our latest Holiday gift to your loved ones, from friends to family! This animal makes a great secret Santa gift for the office! Back from our Doogie line is our Jolly HoliAnimals bringing with them the joy of the Christmas season to your mantle, office desk, bedside table, or nearby your beloved pet. A great item for holiday giving of any kind and not limited to the beautiful holiday of Christmas! Available in 226 different Dog breeds, 8 Cat breeds, 4 Species of Animals, and even 7 different types of folk from around our amazing country.

  • 100 % Artist Grade Acrylic Paint and Craftsmanship. 
  • Highest Quality Stone Resin Used
  • 3" W X 5 3/4 " H X 2 1/2" L
  • Enjoy our Jolly Holidogs In All Their Beautiful Variations!
  • Four Felt Feet Protect Your Beloved Surfaces
  • Sturdy Design Ensures Use Anywhere
  • Visually Balanced By Professionals
  • Over 200 Breeds Of Dog, 8 Breeds Of Cat, & 4 Different Animal Species

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