Labrador Retriever Yellow Mom & Pups

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The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland in the 19th century. They were then imported to England and used as water hunting/fishing dogs. The breed, as we know it today developed additionally in Canada where it was crossed with Setters, Spaniels and other Retrievers. Since being recognized by the AKC in 1917, in the Sporting Group, “Labs”, as they are commonly known, have remained number 1 on the list of most popular breeds according to the AKC’s registration statistics. Labrador Retrievers come in three colors, black, yellow and chocolate. Their thick double coat sheds seasonally and regular brushing will keep it at its water resistant best. Labs weigh an average of 55 to 75 pounds, and are gentle, family-friendly and intelligent making them perfect as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, law enforcement dogs, hunting dogs and of course, companion.

The Mom and Pups Figurines show a mother dog with several puppies in a loving family scene. Each scene is made of hand painted stone resin for years of enjoyment. These come assembled, in an individual boxed.

The wooden dock is the perfect place for this Labrador Retriever family to relax and enjoy the blue water together. 11”L X 9 ½”W X 4 ¼”H
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